Real Estate

­By using professional cameras, wide angle lenses and advanced lighting techniques, we can provide you with vibran­t pictures of your home. We have provided this service to local Realtors since early 2009, and in that time have photographed houses being sold from as low as $50,00 all the way up to $1,100,000.

Please be sure to check out our samples.

The Difference

With a typical point-and-shoot digital camera, the picture typically is a very narrow view of a room in a house. Built in flashes also bounce back off of reflective surfaces, often hiding details of the room.

Here is a narrow view of a large living room in a million dollar home. A flash was used at full power, and yet the room is very dark. You only can see about 1/4th of this room in this view. This picture was taken at the entryway to this room
Another picture was taken from the same position with a wide angle lens using a different lighting technique, allowing a fully lit view of the entire room.

What you Get

A typical photography session for a home takes about 30 minutes to an hour. We take shots of each room from several angles, usually using two different lighting techniques. We typically turn around the pictures the same evening that we take them. All of the pictures are available at an online gallery, and can be downloaded as full resolution, high quality JPEG files. We can also e-mail you the code necessary to show a slideshow on your web site, much like the one below, if you do not already have slideshow or virtual tour software on your website.

We are currently offering an introductory rate of this service to home owners and to real estate agents. Please e-mail us for our rates.