Packages and Pricing


Common Features

  • Signed copyright release, giving you full rights to your pictures
  • Free online gallery at SmugMug of all images in full resolution for you and friends to view, download or print
  • No sitting fees
  • No additional charge for taking pictures at different locations

High Resolution Images

We take all of our pictures on Nikon Digital cameras. All pictures are taken on 12 Mega Pixel (MP) cameras. 12 MP will provide you with images large enough to print 30″x20″prints in great detail.


Since you own the copyright to your pictures, you can print as many pictures as you want in any size you want. Since you can print the pictures yourself, there is no added “minimum portrait order” from us. We will be happy to show you samples of some of our pictures printed from various companies: from stores in Columbia to serveral Internet based services. There are many places that provide great prints, and here are a few of them with typical prices (for 4×6). All of these services have online photo uploading services.