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I want to apologize to our customers who were trying to access our site this last week. We had an issue with our web server, and it has finally been solved.

Andrew and Kirsten

Here are some samples from our latest engagement session. Andrew and Kirsten wanted some pictures taken on the Mizzou campus as well as Stephens Lake Park. We Walked from the J-school to Tiger Plaza, stopping for shots at the archway by the J-school, the Columns, Cornell Hall, and Tiger plaza. From there, we took a quick drive over to Stephens to get a little bit of fall color. Inspired by our previous session with Rachael and Brandon, Andrew brought his guitar and played a few songs for Kirsten.

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Another Engagement on the Way

This past Saturday we took engagement pictures of Andrew and Kirsten. We seem to be cursed with gray skies every time we go to the Mizzou campus, but this session came out very well despite it being overcast.

I do believe this is the biggest (in terms of total shots) engagement we have done, totaling in at about 1/4th the number of pictures we usually take at weddings. Now, a lot of those are duplicates, thanks to the fact that both of our cameras take pictures at 6 shots a second. I am about half way though selecting and editing, and I must say I am very pleased with how they came out. A sample album will be posted later this week.

In the mean time, here is a small behind-the-scenes album. Sometimes we have a little helper join us on our engagement sessions.

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Shaun and Mary Frances Engagement

A gallery has been added from our latest engagement session. These pictures were taken at various locations at Shelter Gardens.

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Engagement Season is Here

The fall engagement season has started, and today we are doing our first session of several that have been booked in the coming weeks. Samples from this session will be posted by the end of the week.

It looks like we might be in for some early fall color here in Columbia. We have started to see yellow appear in many trees near where we live, and some have even decided that they are ready to display a little orange as well. Hopefully we will have several weeks of vibrant fall color. If you are interested in an engagement session during the few weeks of fall color, let us know that you are interested, and we can plan on having a session on a sunny day when there is good color.

Limiting Reservations for Weddings

We have had a great and busy year of photographing weddings, and 2010 is gearing up to be a busy wedding season. Unfortunately, we have had to turn down some couples already, and I need to update our site to explain this a little bit better.

We are going to stop taking reservations more than 8 months out for the time being. DSW Photography, as you might have noticed, is a family business. Right now we are in the time of our life where we want to have children, and our plan was to have children close together. With the birth of our son 8 months ago, we are looking to have another child in 2010 or 2011. Because of this, we want to be sure that Summer, one of the two photographers, isn’t having to cover a wedding while she is 9 months pregnant. We did that last year, and it wasn’t too much fun.

So, for those of you getting married beyond May of next year, we will not be able to book your wedding at this time. If you continue to shop around for a photographer and are unable to find one in the next few months, please come back here and see if we are available. You can also drop us a note to let us know that you are interested, let us know the date of your wedding, and we can put you at the top of the list.

Wedding Gallery : Danny and Sara

This past June we had the pleasure of covering Danny and Sara’s wedding in Holts Summit, MO. They were amongst our first customers as DSW Photography, and we were glad when their wedding day finally arrived.

Below is a gallery showing off a small percentage of the pictures that we took on their special day. Here is the full sample gallery.

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Engagement Session: Melissa and Tyson

A few months ago we had a small engagement session at Melissa and Tyson’s home near Columbia. This couple was very natural in front of the camera, and we even had a few puppies join us for the session. We even took a short drive to pond on their property, and took a few pictures out on their canoe. Thankfully, Tyson didn’t rock the boat too much.

This coming weekend will be their wedding, and it will be our first time to work at Alpine Park and Gardens. This location is very special to us since that is where we were married three years ago.

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