Allen and Vera

We have known Vera for a few years, and we run into each other from time to time. Most recently, we were all at Omair and Christine’s wedding – we being the photographers, and she was the guestbook attendant. After seeing our work for Omair and Christine, she was convinced that we needed to come to her wedding.

Our entire family flew out to Phoenix to cover this wedding at a beautiful private residence. The owner had recently finished his back yard, including a very large area for guests and a huge outdoor fireplace. The two story house allowed for us to get some great pictures from the balcony. As this was an evening wedding, the timing had to be right to make sure there was enough lights for formals, but this allowed for us to get some great sunset pictures after the ceremony.

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As an interesting idea for others, Vera did something very creative with the guestbook at Omair and Christine’s wedding. She took pictures of guests as they arrived, and used a compact photo printer to print the pictures on an adhesive paper. These pictures were attached to poster boards, and while we were taking formals after the wedding, guests could go pen comments on the posters around the pictures.